Top Tips from the Judges

What Makes a Winning Entry

Hear from a selection of our judges below about what makes a winning entry. This includes what judges are looking for, why people should enter, what winning means and what award wins mean for clients. If you would like further hints and tips please download our Guide to Entering the PRmoment Awards here.

Why you should enter – Agency
Why you should enter – In-House


Important Top Tips:

  • Pay attention to the word counts. Judges will have to read approximately 30 entries, so you  need to summarise why you deserve to win in as shorter form as you can.
  • Feel free to use pictures and graphs to illustrate your success.
  • Make sure you don’t get your numbers wrong, the judges will check!
  • Remember to demonstrate why you were creative and how the work you have entered hit its objectives.


What are the PRmoment Awards judges looking for in a winning entry?


Jo-ann Robertson, London CEO, Ketchum
“The critical thing I look for in every entry is what impact did the campaign have. In most entries it is like finding a needle in a haystack, but when impact is showcased and proven it is a thing of beauty.”

Lucy Reynolds, Head of External Comms, Vodafone UK
“I’m looking for creativity, new ideas and campaigns that speak to cultural trends but yet manage to cut through a crowded news landscape. Most importantly though, I’ll be looking for results – coverage, conversation and impact on a business or brand.”

Indy Selvarajah, Creative Director, Edelman Deportivo
“Work that irritates me because it makes me wish I had thought of it.”

Christine Jewell, Managing Director, 3MonkeysZeno
“The Judges have to read a lot of entries so make sure the copy is lively and easy to read – less really is more! Trust me, nothing is more tedious than a list of tactics or pages of dense text. Try to inject some personality into your entry which reflects the style of your agency or the work. Tell us a story. A bit of jeopardy always helps and shows how any obstacles were overcome. Tell us how the creative route you chose was brave or different. Be clear on the difference between objectives and your strategy and show how the objectives were met with clear success and impact measures.”

Mandy Sharp, Founder, Tin Man
“For me, it’s when you can’t imagine any other idea working as well as the one presented. Those campaigns that make you feel something emotionally and are backed with tangible results, showing real perception change or commercial impact for a brand.”

Ali Gee, Deputy CEO & Senior Partner, FleishmanHillard Fishburn
“A creative idea that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Fresh, simple and effective. And real world measured outcomes.”

Nicola Green, Director of Corporate Affairs, O2 (Telefonica UK)
“I’m looking for entries that ‘jump out from the crowd’ and demonstrate a real sense of creative thought and imagination. Entries that really wow me include those where they have returned clear evidence of success for their business.”

Nick Woods, Partner, Well Hello
“I want to feel provoked in some way, some kind of uncontrollable response whether it be envy, laughter or inspiration. I also want a strong sense of originality, to read an entry which feels original in its birth, manifestation and impact.”

Dan Walsh, Head of PR, Sky
“The key thing for me is does the campaign have purpose and does it deliver a message? A good PR campaign needs to deliver a message and encourage engagement, not just be PR for the sake of PR. I want to see strategic application and delivery of core messaging.”

Samuel Hall, EMEA Corporate Communications Director, ServiceNow
“A really great entry has a clean line between the objectives, the execution and the measurement, in that order. Sometimes measurement section is chock-a-block on data points, but it’s not always explicitly linked to the original objective.”

Laura Barnes, Senior PR & Comms Manager, Mimecast
“What I’m looking for in a winning entry is a really strong editorial story with a creativity twist that has garnered measurable business outcomes and great coverage.”

Paul Cockerton, Co-CEO, Dynamo PR
“For me, a winning entry demonstrates that the agency has real insight into its client’s needs, devises a good plan to reach clearly defined goals, and above all delivers results that actually impacts the client’s business.”

Gareth Thomas, Managing Director UK, PAN Communications
“I love seeing stuff that’s super difficult to explain being brought to life with a creative spark, then making a tangible difference to the way a business or issue is perceived. Winners usually leave the air blue as I curse, ‘F***: why didn’t I think of that!’”

Bilal Mahmood, Media & External Relations Director, MarketInvoice
“I would like to rockstar entries. Ones that are proud, bold and impactful. However, equally important are entries that have made a mark and raised the game for that issue and our industry.”

Angie Wiles, Founder and Head of Collectivity, The Difference Collective
“As judges, we are looking for a real combination of clarity of objective setting, a well thought through strategy, brilliant creative execution and tangible results that have ideally changed behaviour. Innovation, creativity and pushing the boundaries are key, but not at the expense of delivering on the client’s original objective. Often, it’s the simplest and focussed entries that achieve the cut through and stand out, with a little bit of boldness thrown in!”

Ruth Kieran, Managing Director, Cirkle PR
“Demonstration of a clear understanding of the brief and objective, leading to a clever and original strategy underpinning elegantly delivered creative and measurable results. A piece of cake, surely? I’m sure I’ll believe it when I see it….”

Robert Ettridge, Partner, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
“A perfect blend of informed insights, a creative spark and a clear link between business objectives and business outcomes.”

Chris Talago, VP PR Communications JAPAC & EMEA, Oracle
“Critical for any winning entry is the ability to clearly demonstrate business impact. This isn’t art for art’s sake, we have to move an audience to action. I want to see results and creativity. How did they dissect a business problem then cost effectively and creatively influence an audience.”

Jay Ward, Director, Ford of Europe Product Comms
“For me, what is most important is a clear link between the idea and the business priority – not just a great creative idea for the sake of it. It is also nice to see creative that ladders up to a broader campaign that really fits the brand ideals.”

Ronke Lawal, Founder, Ariatu Public Relations
“A vibrant and dynamic approach to entries is something that really stands out to me. Not being afraid to push creative boundaries whilst still reflecting the needs of a client project.”

Stuart Gill, UK & Ireland PR Manager, Lenovo
“I want to see real creativity and campaigns that provoke and excite. As I read through the nominations, I want to be wowed. I want to think, damn, I want to do that, or I want to work with them! The campaigns that win should be the best of the best, they should make every client, agency and PR person realise they need to raise their game. I want to see solid business thinking, and campaigns that can speak the language of business and understand PR needs to impact the bottom line and drive value, the age of fluffy coverage reporting and mediocre evaluation is gone.”

Alex Hamilton, Head of PR & Social, One
“A winning entry should include measurable results that are clearly relating to campaign objectives, as well as creativity and a thorough understanding of the target audience.”

Lucy Linthwaite, External Media Relations Leader, IBM UK and Ireland
“Talk about how you made an impact that is backed up with real results and outcomes. Be careful when listing huge numbers to prove your success. They sound grand but it is far more effective to prove how you generated real business results or changed a reputation. The best entries are engaging from the outset and tell a story, getting to the point fast with no waffle. Using visuals as well as words to bring your submission to life is always a great idea as it helps your story jump off the page.”

Victoria Usher, Founder & CEO, GingerMay
“Lots of energy. There’s nothing worse than reviewing a vanilla submission that has zero passion or personality. Impressive data. Measurement is crucial and I’m looking for clear outcomes from your work that have moved the client’s needle. Most importantly – I’m looking for your outcomes to be tied to your original objectives because what good are they otherwise?”

Simon Carter, Head of Media Relations and Internal Communications, The Scout Association
“I am looking for projects that are clear about their targets and can demonstrate that they have achieved against them. They will get my vote every time.”

Tanya Jackson, Head of Corporate Affairs, Yorkshire Building Society
“I’ll be looking for award entries that have very clear objectives and which can demonstrate the impact a campaign has delivered. Activity that delivers both commercial and social value are the most likely to get my vote.”

Mo Brownbridge, Senior Comms Manager, Pernod Ricard UK
“It’s not all about generating column inches – I’m looking for a creative campaign that is compelling enough to have inspired the average person to talk about it, and genuinely affected purposeful and positive social change.”

Russ Brady, Head of Group Public Relations, The Co-operative Group
“I’m looking for entries which excite me, push boundaries but stay true to the brief.”

Addy Frederick, Senior Corporate Communications Manager, Prudential
“For me a winning entry is a great idea is one that makes me wish that I’d thought of it, or at least worked on it. It also has to clearly demonstrates how execution of the idea delivered on the campaign objectives to drive greater brand awareness.”